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Personality, Leader Behavior, & Overdoing It

Historically, leadership research has minimized the role of personality. Yet, decades of failed executives and recent scientific study demonstrate not only that personality predicts leader performance, it also appears to be the strongest single domain of individual differences related to leadership.

"Personality, Leader Behavior, and Overdoing It," by Joyce Hogan and Robert Kaiser, tests the links between personality ratings of four leader behavior styles and examines the assumption that strengths can become weaknesses by determining the level of personality scores associated with rathings of the right amount versus too much of the leader behaviors.

The integral role of personality in leadership seems well understood by managers, consultants, and talent management professionals who have used personality assessment in selection and development for decades (e.g., Moore, 1987; Scott & Reynolds, 2010). A case can be made that leadership research has lagged behind practice in this regard. The present study is designed to help bridge this gap by examining theory-based relationships between a broad range of personality dimensions and four specific leader behaviors. This research also examines a common assumption in leadership practice that has received little empirical attention - the assumption that strengths can become weaknesses when overused.


Values Report Launch

Values – the core motives, interests, and beliefs that determine what we desire and strive to attain – have tremendous consequence in terms of what type of work we find fulfilling, how we operate within a team, and how we fit into an organization.

As the international authority in personality assessment and consulting, Hogan has more than 30 years of experience identifying and developing successful leaders. We are excited to launch the revised Leadership Forecast Series Values Report.

We will activate the new report in HALO on January 17, at which time it will replace the old report in the system.

For more information regarding the new Leadership Forecast Series Values report, its activation in the HALO system, or how it will affect you, please visit the Values Report launch site.


The Power of Unconscious Biases

When Jeffrey Skilling took control of Enron, he had a reputation as a smart, extremely competitive business man with a penchant for risk taking – qualities that led to early success and facilitated his rise to the executive suite.

These values became counterproductive, however, when Skilling’s unconscious biases began to shape Enron’s culture. Lauding of creative risk-taking and fierce internal competition coupled with huge incentives led to not only stretching, but circumventing and breaking legal and ethical boundaries to bolster short-term performance.

Obviously, Skilling’s was an extreme case, but although unconscious biases – the unconscious projection of our values onto others – aren’t always counterproductive, they are always impactful.

The Power of Unconscious Biases” explores leaders’ values and unconscious biases, and their potentially devastating consequences.


A Victor in the Science Wars

In science, wars are fought over disputed intellectual territories. According to “A Victor in the Science Wars,” a recent article on, one such battle, which has been waged for the past 50 years, is over what constitutes one’s personality.

The ancient warrior faction argues that personality is your internal identity. You think about who you are, and how you’ll act, and your self-perceptions and this is your personality. The neophyte faction, led by Robert Hogan, argues that in the workplace it’s not who you think you are, but what everyone else thinks about you that matters. The practical question is: which tribe wins the contest?


Strength in Science

In the fast-moving business world, getting the right person in the right position is critical. Although, personality assessment can be a powerful talent management tool, with thousands of assessment providers in the U.S. alone, finding one that meets your company’s needs can be a challenge.

Hogan’s foundation in science and dedication to research distinguishes it from the competition. “Strength in Science” is a one-page overview of the Hogan Research Division (HRD), an industry-leading group of doctorate- and masters-level Industrial-Organizational Psychology professionals. Grounded in more than 30 years of research and scientific prediction, HRD plays a central role in developing and applying the Hogan assessments to employee selection and development.


Hogan Out and About

2012 Human Capital Institute Summit
March 5-7, 2012
Scottsdale, Arizona

SIOP 27th Annual Conference
April 26-27, 2012
San Diego, California


The Death of Leadership
What is driving the death of leadership and how do we secure quality leaders for the future? Dr. Rodney Warrenfeltz will discuss the driving factors contributing to the death of leadership, why it is happening and how to prevent it from destryoing your company at the Metro - NYU Wasserman Career Center on January 12 at 6pm.

Hogan has an immediate need for a Consultant in the Corporate Solutions practice to deliver selection and development services. This position will provide direct and indirect consulting services to a wide range of private and public sector clients. Specifically, our Consultants work to design and implement validated selection processes for all levels of employees across organizations. They also drive strategic self-awareness among mid- to senior-level leaders through leadership development assessments and talent development programs. Successful candidates will have demonstrated experience with selection and development practices as well as key client management experience.
Read more and apply

The Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop provides an in-depth understanding of how to use and interpret the Hogan personality suite - HPI, HDS, and MVPI.
Atlanta, Georgia
February 21-22, 2012
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Leadership Formula combines the powerful strategic self-awareness of Hogan's assessments with the skills-based training of executive coaching. Leadership Formula is a modular program offered as a standalone workshop on location or part of a broader leadership development effort.
Contact us for more information.

HBRI Certification provides a comprehensive tutorial on how to interpret the Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI). This is an online session and available any time.

Hogan Development Feedback Certification is recommended for individuals who wish to increase their proficiency in coaching or delivering feedback to candidates using Hogan personality data (HPI, HDS, and MVPI). This is an online session and available any time.

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